Saturday, January 17, 2015

I have woken up
      from dreams of music and more,
  to find you shining upon me
in colors that never pale,
      but soften with the mists
               of age and time,
           into a portrait of love eternal.

Find tomorrow, find today,
        in a string of yesterdays
    that dance the dance
        of a heart that beats
                 with happiness,
             and the melodies
                     of forevermore.

Dream a life, dream a love,
      dream with me a dream
         of life, of love as angels set foot
    upon the ground beside us,
            and we look up to find
      our road ahead lined with roses.

Petals, thorns and all,
    and we will walk them all together.



Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I wait where i usually do
When echoes will come surround me again.

Echoes of laughter
i leave behind for another week.

Echoes of stories
Of love shared and waiting.

Echoes of words
Said behind me when i have looked away.

Echoes of an empty house.
Which i will leave again with no more echoes.


Friday, April 18, 2014



So how thick is thicker,
When one talks of blood?
When it isn't red,
But the murky shade of mud.
Clouded by envy,
Darkened with greed,
A sad and awful waste
Of a "once-was" indeed.

The storms spin in fury
Quietly yet strong.
The dawn must be somewhere
Heaven only knows how long.
But life is too short
For me and mine to wait
For the crowd to shake off
All the shadows of hate.

i will let my songs
Play on through the night,
I care not for you,
But i care for what's right.
Good fortune smiles
To those who smile on.
I and mine will go on smiling
Whether you're here
               or whether you're gone.

So how thick is thicker
Than blood do you ask?
I will shed this skin
And remove this mask.
See me stand tall
Hear my breaking voice:
Thicker than blood,
Is love. Is choice.


Monday, March 18, 2013


So i wake up to another interesting uninteresting day.
It is today, which is like any other day, except for
A little glitch here and there, perhaps an inch away,
Perhaps slightly brighter yet cloudy or maybe more.
Started really when i woke up early to take a pee.
But in an empty house, early is really way too early.
Especially when one finds one's self utterly alone.
Good thing there's the iPad and the cellular phone.
Oh my word, the rhyme up there fell off the beat.
Doesn't matter, i guess since this is just a stupid verse.
Store's almost closed and i really need something to eat,
Sometimes i want to sit in the car to just scream and curse.
Not because i'm unhappy as hell. No reason to be, y'know.
There's everything i need up here. Well, almost.
There's a nice house, shiny car, and cafes to go.
More wealthy fun that can fit in a single Twitter post.
But the hours in the store are tiring and long up here.
And because i'm not here full time, they give me troubles.
They make me feel guilty whenever i disappear.
They call me names, and today they called me "Mr. Bubbles."
My lovely wife and lovelier kids can be seen when online.
But of course that doesnt replace hugging and all.
We talk, we call, we buzz each other all the time.
But sometimes i find myself even lonelier after every call.
While a five-hour drive away there's a struggling little band,
Of saxophone players without a keyboard player and practice.
And then there's my little office that sometimes needs a hand.
Down there is family, friends, work and music that i miss!
But this isn't hell, and i'm really grateful they took me back in.
But although tiring, this up-and-down thing goes on, i fear.
So if i'm back in town and you're wondering where i've been,
Above here is the twenty-eight-line overview of my day up here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Take my hand and close you eyes,
Drift with me beyond the stars,
Soar with me through midnight skies,
Through gleaming heavens in secret hours.

Catch a moonbeam in your hands,
Gather the stardust in the velvet breeze,
Journey on through quiet dream sands,
Sail on the oceans of your fantasies.

Hand in hand through endless space,
I'll watch over you 'til the sun will wake,
Through the soft night winds face to face,
Promising your heart will never break.

As all the stars that shine on earth,
Caress you with their quiet stares,
Watching your heart in sweet rebirth,
Shining brightly, warmly, and ever-fair.

Now open your eyes and you'll understand
As through wond-ring eyes you'll see,
With some stardust, moonlight and us hand in hand,
How close to heaven earth can be.

from 1993

Saturday, February 6, 2010

...the break of day in spring...

I have yet to see a lovelier thing
Than the break of day in the heart of spring…

When the dew on waking fields gleam
Like the fairy sparkles of a fading dream.

Catching the moment that night and day kissed,
Framed in the softness of the morning mist.

Obviously sunrise
07 20 2000

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

words and flowers...

In a time when words have lost all their powers,
I pray for the silent eloquence of fragrant flowers...
And how my teardrops shower them like dew...
A tear for every moment i am missing you...

But i will quietly, wordlessly wait until the time,
You will finally forgive me for my painful crime,
And to trust me once more and give me love again,
Yes, my love... i will be waiting until then...